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Installing a sump pump and waterproofing system is the least disruptive and most effective way to dry your crawl space - and keep it dry all the time!

Ameri Care Services, Inc. professional crawl space waterproofers can install a sump pump system in an average crawl space in one, sometimes two days. For a FREE sump pump installation estimate in Tennessee, call or e-mail us today!

Steps to installing a sump pump system in your home.

Placing the Sump Pump Liner

Placing a sump pit in a Manchester home

First, a sump pump pit is excavated for the liner and pump to be placed in. This protects your sump pump from the mud and debris around the pump pit.

It's important that the sump pit is large enough, but not too large. When placed in a small pit, a sump pump can pump water out faster than it can fill the liner, causing them to turn on and off quickly and burn out sooner.

Sump pits that are too large tend to go too deeply into the ground, pumping out water far below your home, causing unnecessary work and electricity usage.

Sump pumps are most effective at removing water from under your crawl space floor when located in the lowest spot of the floor.

Your certified waterproofing specialist will determine where that spot is by using a laser level. If the sump cannot be located in the low spot, a PVC feed line should be run through the floor from the low spot to the sump pump location.

The Sump Pump Installation

Installing a sump in a sump pump liner in a Unionville home

A special outlet connects a drain to the sump pump system and clean gravel is backfilled around the sump pump liner.

This gravel helps to keep your sump pump system as clean as possible, discouraging silt and sediment from entering the liner.

An airtight sump pump lid including rubber grommets around all pipes and wires, keeps odors and humidity from rising out of the sump pit, while also preventing items and debris from falling in from the crawl space floor.

Having an airtight, secure lid on your liner is also excellent in preventing animals and children from attempting to play in the water!

If you have a secondary pump installed in the pit, an additional discharge line will be installed. This prevents the pipes from being overwhelmed and also ensures the pumps won't pump back and forth between each other. Discharge lines should NEVER be tied together on the inside of your home!

The Cleanup & Finishing Touches

A contractor in Altamont installing a sump pump system during.

Our sump pump installation crew takes extra care to leave your crawl space clean, neat, and clear of debris for you at the end of the installation.

Dust is cleaned from the crawl space floor and the discharge line outside is inspected to be sure that the water is being discharged to an appropriate location.

We remove all debris we create, and most times customers comment their crawl space is cleaner than before we started!

Upgrading Your Crawl Space

Sump pump system, dehumidifier, and crawl space wall panels installed during a sump pump installation in Dibrell

Once your crawl space is protected from water seepage, it's a great idea to take advantage of the cleaner, drier, more attractive area as storage or living space.

If you don't already have one installed, be sure to ask about our battery backup sump pumps, as well as our crawl space wall coverings, energy-efficient dehumidifier, and other crawl space products that can add energy efficiency, beauty, and comfort to your home.

Ameri Care Services, Inc. also provides crawl space sealing and encapsulation!

When you decide it's time to waterproof the crawl space and install a sump pump in your home, we are ready to help!

We offer free, no-obligation inspections and written sump pump installation quotes to all homeowners in our Tennessee service area. Call or contact us online today to get started!

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