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Why it's Important to Remove Moisture in a Crawl Space

Monday, August 29th, 2011 by Samantha Walton

Why its Important to Remove Moisture in a Crawl Space - Image 1Eliminating moisture in your basement or crawl space can be an intense task, but it can be achieved if the proper measures are taken to eliminate the source and the problem. Consider installing a drainage and sump pump system. This process is designed to reduce the water buildup entering into your basement or crawl space. But there is the risk of moisture developing and entering through hidden loopholes as well as those unexpected accidents. This is why sealing off vents and doors, and using dehumidifiers and sump pumps are of great importance.

Bad Smells, Foul Odors

If your basement or crawl space is filled with bad smells, your home has a hidden source of mold and mildew; and a routine examination is in order. Mold and mildew can grow just about anywhere; floor joists, underneath sub-flooring or any left behind or forgotten debris. The best and most effective way to rid your basement or crawl space of foul odors is to clean the space with disinfectants, perform routine inspections and find the hidden source of moisture.

The Importance of a Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is a very important aspect of waterproofing the crawl space under your home, and preventing moisture that could cause mold, mildew and dry rot. A vapor barrier is intended to reduce and eliminate large amounts of water from seeping into your basement or crawl space through your existing floor and concrete walls. This process helps eliminate your crawl space and above ground living levels from being compromised with bad odors and foul smells. Unfortunately, the lower levels of your home tend to be prone to moisture, since moisture flows from warm locations to cold locations.

Importance of Sealing Vents and Doors


A large majority of homeowners overlook lower level vents and doors as a source of moisture and air. In reality, it’s very important to properly seal off doors and install vent covers on all un-used vents. This helps to reduce or prevent humidity, moisture and air from entering your basement or crawl space from the outside elements.

Another suggestion is to invest in new doors that provide an airtight seal to inexpensively and effectively rid the space of moisture and cold air.

Routine Inspections Prevent Structural Weakening

To prevent your basement or crawl space from structural weakening or damage, it is best to schedule monthly examinations. These will allow you to look for signs of warping, sagging floors, or damage that has occurred due to mold, mildew, dampness, moisture and wetness.

Warping, sagging floors are common in basement and crawl spaces that are overwhelmed with moisture. If you find even the slightest sign of moisture it is best to resolve the issue before it becomes too significant and costly.


The best and most effective way to protect your home from moisture is to contact a certified crawl space professional. A certified professional will complete an on-site inspection, provide a professional consultation, provide a free estimate and recommend what measures is best to take to protect you and your home.

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